Raffle Prizes Galore!

Gift cards/certificates:
Unity Vegan Kitchen
Conan's Pizza (with coozies!)
Pulse Vegan
The Vegan Nom (for tacos and for brunch)
BBQ Revolution
Bistro Vonish
Better Bites Bakery

Christy Morgan (Blissful Bites)
Candace d'Obrenovic (Neil Sperry's Complete Guide to Texas Gardening)

The Hearty Vegan (two tempeh fajita kits)

Lone Star Vegi Chili Championship (t-shirt with shopping bag)
Vegetarian Network of Austin (I "Texas" Vegan shirt)
Pulse Vegan (t-shirt and apron)
The Vegan Nom (his and her's t-shirts)

8th Semi-annual
Gathering of the Tribes

Saturday April 12th
4:00pm to 7:00pm
at Pease Park

Raffle to benefit Action for Animals Austin

Live music by Amy Zamarripa and Friends

$1 suggested donation, if you're able

RSVP for the Gathering
at these event pages around the web:

Facebook event
Facebook page
Vegans Rock Austin calendar
Vegetarian Network of Austin meetup
Austin Progressive Vegetarians meetup
Eventbrite site

Come celebrate Earth Day at Austin's largest vegan potluck picnic! In addition to tons of delicious food and great company, there will be live music, giveaways, and raffle prizes!

Because we had SO MANY people and dishes at last spring's gathering, we're adding an online registration system using Eventbrite. Please check back for when the registration page goes live HERE.

Please bring a VEGAN dish to feed eight adults- no meat or animal products of any kind (dairy, egg, meat or chicken broths, honey, animal fats like lard, etc etc). You'll need to register your dish by choosing which category yours falls into...

• snacks/appetizers
• soups/leafy salads
• side dishes
• main dishes
• fruit dishes/desserts

...from the list of "tickets" below. Be sure to answer the questions about any allergens your dish may contain. This helps us label the dishes at the potluck for those with allergen or dietary issues.

If you're planning on a prepared dish or packaged food from the grocery store, then it's not necessary to register with a ticket below. Just RSVP on our Facebook event page or through your vegetarian or vegan Meetup group.

If you want to bring more than one dish, please register the first one by itself, then come back to this page and register the second one by itself. That way you can answer the allergen questions for each one.

On the day of the gathering, please be sure to bring your own plate, utensils, and beverage (no glass)—and don't forget a serving utensil for your dish!

This Gathering is for a special cause: we're raising money for the Action for Animals Austin. We'll have raffle prizes to give away, so PLEASE be generous and buy lots of raffle tickets!

We want this to be a great experience for everyone- ESPECIALLY in the food department! Please be sure to read the notes and tips on how to be a good potlucker in the BRIEF GUIDE TO VEGAN POTLUCKING" section below.

Sell Tickets Online through Eventbrite

Special thanks to Brian Garza and School of Arts and Rehearsal Spaces
for providing the PA system


Adapted from Lone Star Plate. Thanks to Molly Frisinger.

1. Bring a vegan* dish to feed eight adults. If you could consume everything you brought by yourself, it's probably not enough. If you're coming with another person, be sure to double the amount of your dish.

2. Try to bring something you'd be excited to eat. It's no problem if it's something you picked up from the prepared food section at Whole Foods or Wheatsville, especially if it's not among the popular choices so many of us get for take-out regularly. It's also OK to bring a giant bowl of fresh fruit chunks and berries--but try not to give in to the convenience of a bag of chips and jar of salsa from the aisle. Just a little thought and effort goes a long way to make enjoyable potluck dishes.
And we really want to encourage you to bring something you made. Potlucks are always better the more homemade food that there is. There are tons of easy vegan recipes all over the Web that you could easily make in the afternoon before you come. Check out this Lone Star Plate article for a list of suggestions.

3. Be sure to bring your own plates, utensils, beverage, and a serving utensil for your dish. The best thing would be to bring plastic dishes that you can take home with you to wash, rather than throw paper ones in the trash. The recycling bin at the park is not very large.

4. Don't take huge portions or seconds before everyone has had an opportunity to get food. With such a large amount of people, it will be impossible for everyone to get a taste of everything, but do consider how many people could get a small portion from what you're about to put on your plate. If the dish is divided into small portions for you, please take just one.

*Some of you may be new or inexperienced when it comes to vegan ingredients, so aside from the obvious "no meat, seafood, cheese, dairy or eggs", here are some common "uh-ohs" that people don't always think to look for or ask about: honey, butter, chicken or beef broth, lard, gelatin, egg noodles, anchovies, and whey.


The picnic is held at Pease Park (the south end at the picnic tables section). Click here for a Google map that shows exactly where in the park we'll be. The parking is limited to the residential streets in the area, so please be considerate of the people who live there. Try to carpool if you can, but at any rate be prepared to park a little further away and walk in.

When you arrive, please come to the check-in table at the front before you take your food to the table. You'll sign in and give us your registration ticket (if you did register), so we can label your dish for those who have ingredient sensitivities. Then you pick up some literature, get a free raffle prize ticket, and take your food to the food table on the left, where there'll be signs for the different kinds of dishes (appetizers, entrees, salads, side dishes, desserts, etc). You can also purchase more raffle tickets to increase your odds of winning (please do!).

There will be electricity at the park available (it was requested as part of the reservation), but it's on a power pole that is some distance away from the picnic tables. Last year we set up a table right next to the pole just to give people who brought electric appliances a place to put them. So if you want to bring a dish that you want to keep warm like a crock pot, we should be able to accommodate you, but we can't make any promises since there are many ways the electricity could turn out to be unavailable.

If you're coming as part of a group or organization, we welcome and encourage you to bring whatever printed materials or other stuff you use to inform people about your group. We'll try to have space on one of the picnic tables available for distribution, but we won't have any folding tables that we can give you to use. You're welcome to bring your own, and we'll make sure you get recognized during the event.

Lastly: the whole reason the Gathering of the Tribes was conceived was to bring all of Austin's different groups of vegans and vegetarians together in one place, and help them MEET NEW PEOPLE. We all spend lots of time with our friends at the events we go to week after week, month after month. When you come to the Gathering tomorrow, make an effort to mingle and introduce yourself, and then consider sitting while you eat with people who you've just met, so you can get to know each other. This is how we build our community!